Blerta Kambo, Albania

Blerta Kambo is a self-taught Albanian photographer, currently based in Tirana. Initially an environmental engineering student, Blerta discovered photography while borrowing a friend’s camera to complete an assignment on polluted areas. Environmental and social issues would become a frequent theme on her earlier conceptual works, which would be exposed in galleries and artist’s activism groups.
On her overall 10 years of professional experience Blerta has worked with many organizations, local and foreign, commercial and socio-cultural ones, being published in almost all local media, and many abroad, ranging from fashion, political, architecture, corporate, documentary photography etc.
Between 2013-2017 she was the primary photographer of the Albanian PM Edi Rama, and currently she works for the European Delegation to Albania. Blerta has juried a few photo competitions in Albania and Kosovo.
At the core of Blerta’s personal projects lies the concept of social justice, with strong emphasis on women’s rights, while expanding from photography to other forms of narrative, such as video, installation and text.