Tamara Zidar, Serbia

IT person by profession, photographer and mom by vocation. Organizing Putospektiva, selling at Gruvljak, editing at Keva, writing at Geravodeli, photographing at TamaraZidar.com. Loving colourful things, stripes, travel, her children, her friends, avocado, coconut, hair that smells fine, rollerblades, Sri Lanka, books and whatever’s popular with young people these days.

From computers, through organizing events, photography, lectures, online activities, travel and writing, I arrived at a desire to unify all of it.
An IT engineer with faith in fellow humans, with an eye for what’s interesting, with the energy to move rocks, with the strength to carry three children and the will to contribute to society. People are what is important to me, comfort desired, a smile an indicator of the right path, a challenge an imperative, pleasure the goal.