Kristina Stavrevska, Macedonia

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Kristina Stavrevska
My name is Kristina Stavrevska, and one of my hobbies includes photography. I like photographing stories, mostly about the darkness humanity brought upon itself, and the love that Mother Nature that keeps on giving us. I am trying to capture sceneries of the people without their masks on, and how every ending is another beginning. The concept of Yin and Yang.

Humanity at its finest

Godly rays

Beautiful sight_ old house with a marvelous garden

We are so advanced now, we forgot about our roots

I don't belong here

Dont touch me while Im eating

The house where Pavel Shatev was tortured and died

Humanity at its finest 1 by Kristina Straveska

Humanity at its finest

Mother Theresa

Take a look at the other side, the rotting part

Contrast, building vs nature

Old building decaying, mother nature taking over and making it beautiful

Contrast 2, building vs life force (the bird)

The ladder to darkness